About Us

Hi my name is Kevin Meyer, I am an expert in Thailand and I am offering personal segway tours to Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and many other known and well-known in cities in Thailand.

Currently we are doing only Thailand with plans to expand into other areas in Asia.

With these tours you will be able to explore the beautiful parks, hills, and other touristy attractions that we think you should see on your amazing adventure in Thailand.

We will also give you some history about the locations, the significant meaning of some buildings areas, and more.

My our team will not only show you around in the day time, but will also host special events at night, group outings at the many restaurants, and also some helpful guides to the nightlife activities.

As you may know, Thailand is a very enchanting and entertaining place, contact us for more info about these Segway and tour guides in the major cities.